[ Hellvetia Day - The Idea Behind ]

The idea of organizing a one-day festival was born in early 2001 to directly contribute to the support of the Swiss extreme metal underground scene and offer its members a platform for performing in front of a freaky audience. The idea is extensively driven by the motto "From Freaks for Freaks" featuring a fair entrance fee. The billing encompasses seven Swiss bands headlined by a foreign killer act well-known in the international underground. Hellvetia Day is a meeting point to socialize with bands and audience in a friendly and laid-back environment.

Swiss bands that are playing brutal musick, having a down-to-earth attitude and being interested in crushing our stage shall feel free to apply under:


[ Billing History ]
Hellvetia Day X (2010)
Condemned (USA), Miasma (CH), Effegy (CH), Female Nose Breaker (CH), Insomnia Isterica (CH), KessKhtak (CH)
Hellvetia Day IX (2009)
Amagortis (CH), Carnivore Diprosopus (COL), Denial (CH), Diagnosis: Human (CH), Exenteration (CH), P.N.G. (CH)
Hellvetia Day VIII (2008)
Abysmal Torment (M), Carnal Decay (CH), Miasma (CH), Omophagia (CH), Soulless (CH), Dawn of Torture (CH), Scorch (CH)
Hellvetia Day VII (2007)
Septycal Gorge (I), Putridity (I), Cropment (CH), Firebreather (CH), Abused (CH), Oral Fist Fuck (CH), Female Nose Breaker (CH)
Hellvetia Day VI (2006)
Mumakil, Embalming Theatre, Censored, Creeping Vengeance, Stump Fucking, Amok (all CH)
Hellvetia Day V (2005)
Malignant Tumour (CZ), Infested (D), Admetos Dilemma, Amagortis, Britney, Lost Sphere Project, Mephitic Entities, Punish (all CH)
Hellvetia Day IV (2004)
Prostitute Disfigurement (NL), Vacarme (F), Stump Fucking, Amok, The Awakening, Carnal Decay, Brutal God, Nasty Vermin (all CH)
Hellvetia Day III (2003)
Harmony Dies (D), Requiem, Ambrossia, Disparaged, eyes see red, Deceit, G.S.F., Abgrund (all CH)
Hellvetia Day II (2002)
Profanity (D), Cremation, Censored, Mutilation, Embalming Theatre, Dark Rise, Cropment, Creeping Vengeance (all CH)
Hellvetia Day I (2001)
Inhumate (F), Bestial Torment, Exit, Gerbophilia, Knowhere, Shroudshifter, Silester, Slaine, The Cranium, Your Own Decay (all CH)