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Swiss Underground Metal Bands

Abgrund Black/Death with keys
Abused Guttural Brutal Death
Admetos Dilemma Strange Death/Grind
Amagortis Guttural Death Metal
Bodysnatch Swiss NYDM style brutal death metal
Britney Death/Grind from Basel
Carnal Decay Technical Death Metal
Censored Where Hardcore meets Death Metal
Cremation Great guys, technical death metal
Cropment Death Grind!
Dark Rise Brontosaurus' Voice Under Cortisone
Dawn Of Torture Young swiss death metal band
Denial Death/Trash metal
Disparaged Great brutal death metal band, check it out!
Distress Brutal Death Metal
Embalming Theatre Fast Brutal Grindcore
Enigmatik Technical Death Metal
Exenteration Swiss metal/punk/grind attack
Exit Bis ans Ende aller Tage...
Female Nose Breaker Swiss Guttural Brutal Death
Forgotten Chaos Swiss Black/Trash Metal
Grindweh Ultra Brutal Intelligent Aggro MundArt Grind Noise
Happy Hippos Massaker Huba Huba Harsh Noise
Knowhere Death/Black metal with singing drummer!
Koreopsis Technical Brutal Death
Mephitic Entities Death/Thrash Metal from the Mountain Ghosts
Miasma Swiss Brutal Deathmetal from Ticino
Mortal Factor Thrash Metal Band with our friend Amadé
Mumakil Swiss Allstar Grindcore Band
Nasty Vermin Thrash/Deathcore Attack
Nihilo Swiss Death/Blackmetal
Omophagia Brasilian Styled Death Metal
Oral Fist Fuck Brutal Death from Zurich
Petrified Death/Thrash
PNG Animal Liberation Grind
Punish Death Metal
Requiem Should be known to anyone, great brutal death metal band


Death Metal from Nidwalden


Female Doom Metal Band


Technical Death Metal
Speck HC/Grind/Chaos-Core
The Awakening Extreme Metal
Tiburon Muerte Metal
Tribes Of Cain Black/Death Metal
Versus Sickfuck Death Metal
YOG Grindcore from Neuchâtel
Your Own Decay Brutal death metal from Switzerland, killer live-band!


Swiss Metal Webzines



Metal Online Zine


Metal Online Zine


Metal Online Zine & Agenda

Schwermetall Webzine

Metal Online Zine

Swiss Metal Factory

Metal Online Zine, Agenda


Metal Online Zine and more


Swiss Underground Gigs


IG Burgundergrund

Small organiser in Burgdorf

Mountains of Death Open Air

The coolest Open Air on this whole fuckin' planet


Swiss Concert Locals

Dynamo/Werk21 Underground Club in Zürich
GG31 Squat in Winterthur
Jessie James New location in the east!
Kofmehl New underground club in the heart of Solothurn!

KuFa Lyss

Underground Club near Bern

Kulturwerk 118

At the Industry Zone of Sursee!


Squat the world!

Metal Overall

New metal club in the Jura


Great location in Zofingen with the best beer in the world!


Swiss Metal Stores and Mailorder



Metal, HC and more distribution




Underground Death Metal Store

Non Stop Music

Distribution - Mailorder

Rockaway Beach

Metal/Punk/HC store in Bern


Swiss Labels

A Tree In A Field Records Weird sound for weird people
Rinderherz Records Swiss Crust/Grind/HC Label


Other Links



Label, Distro and Organiser

BodyShape Tattoo & Piercing

Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Zollikofen

CHDM Swiss Deathmetal

Support The Swiss Death Metal Sickness

Darken Art

Special Logo and Cover Artwork




Label - Distribution - Booking
Gorepigz Gorepigz Picture Gallery


Hard & Heavy Agenda


Swiss Death Metal Gig Agenda


Some pictures of gigs in Switzerland


Parties, Pictures and more


THE Swiss HC-Site


Wide Range of Graphic Art

Rotten Art

Rotten Art