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Underground Metal Bands

Here are international bands linked that played for the MDHF.
Aborted Goremaggedon
Abrasive Brutal Death from Germany
Agathocles In Mince we trust
Ahumado Granujo Czech Grind-Techno-Attack
Anasarca Great German Death Metal Band that split too early!
Apalavia Brutal Genital Grind Core
Arsebreed Dutch Brutal Death
Avulsed Spanish Death Metal veterans
Beautiful Cafillery HC/Grind from Czech Republic
Beheaded Brutal Death from Malta
Blasphemer ultra guttural brutal death from Italy
Blockheads Insane Grind from France
Brainwash Italian Grind-Bastards
Carnivore Diprosopus Columbias Ultra guttural Slam Machine
Cephalic Carnage Post-Apocalyptic Grindcore
Cephalotripsy slow guttural Brutal Death
Cerebral Bore Brutal Death from Scotland
Cerebral Turbulency Czech Grindcore Attack
Condemned Ultra guttural Brutal Death
Craniotomy Brutal Death from Slovakia
Crepitation Ultra brutal slam death from UK
Cripple Bastards Italia di Merda
Cryptopsy Canada's Death Metal Insanity
Damnation Polish Death Metal
Dead Infection the GoreGrind-Kings
Deadly Pale Brutal Death from Germany
Death Reality Killing Death Metal from Germany
Deeds Of Flesh US Brutal Death Metal
Defeated Sanity Brutal Death Metal from Germany
Degrade Guttural brutal Death from Sweden
Depraved Decadence and Lust
Deranged Old School Death from Sweden
Desecration Grind/Death from Great Britain
Despise Czech Brutal Death
Despised Icon Death metal meets Hardcore at its best
Despondency German Guttural Brutal Death
Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland Goregrinders from Czech Republic
Devourment Ultra Guttural Death Metal from US
Dew-Scented New Thrash from Germany
Disavowed Netherland's best Death Metal export
Disgorge (MEX) Mexican Brutality
Disgorge (US) Disgorge Brutality!
Drowned Child Death from Poland
Dying Fetus The gods of technical death metal
Entrails Massacre All started when two guys wanted to make some noise...
Eternal Bleeding Brutal Death Metal from Slovakia
Exhumed Anatomy Is Destiny
Exposed Guts NRW Brutal Death Metal
Fleshless Extreme Brutal Death Grind from the Czech Republic!
God Dethroned Dutch technical Death Metal
Godless Truth Czech Brutal Death Assault
Goratory US Brutal Death Metal
Goreinhaled Technical Brutal Death from Palma de Mallorca
Gorerotted Grindcore Sick Fucks from UK
Gorezone Brutal Death Metal from Germany
Gorgasm Most extreme Brutal Death from US
Goryptic Brutal Death Metal from France
Grave Into The Grave
Gutted Hungarian Death Metal Attack
Haemorrhage Pathological Grindcore from Spain
Harmony Dies German Brutal Death Metal
Herpes de crachat de fillette Old-School Barbarian Grind from France
Hour of Penance Death Metal from Italy
Human Artifacts Brutal Death with Ex-Lividity members
Human Rejection Ultra guttural Slam from Greece
Hurtlocker Metalcore from US
Immured Grindcore
Immolation Technical Death Metal Heros from US
Impaled Gory Oldschool Deathmetal
Impedigon Melodic Aggression from Belgium
Inactive Messiah Electric Death Metal
Incarnated Sweden Death from Poland
Infecdead Brutal Death from Germany
Infected Disarray Brutal Death from UK
Inferia Grind from Finland
Infested Ultra guttural Brutal Death from Germany
Ingested Ultra brutal guttural death from UK
Ingrowing Kick your ass grindcore from CZ
Inhumate French Grindcore
Inhume In for the KILL
Insidious Decrepancy One Man Brutal Death Commando
Instil Brutal Metalcore
Internal Suffering Columbias Brutal Death Killing Machine
Introrectalgestation Guttural Brutal Death from UK
Inveracity Ultra Sick Guttural Death from Greece
Isacaarum Sado Maso Grind from CZ
Jig-Ai Bulldozer Gore-Grind from CZ
Karkadan Black Heavy Metal
Katalepsy Most fucking brutal Guttural Slam Death from Moscow
Krisiun Madness from Brazil, no need to explain!
Laniena Mentis Brutal Death Metal
Machetazo Gore Grind/Death from Spain
Maggot Shoes German Grindcore Fuckers
Malevolent Creation The Will To Kill
Malignant Tumour Grind/Crust-Bastards from Czech Republic
Mangled Dutch Death Insanity
Massive Charge French Grindcore Attack
Mincing Fury and guttural Clamour of queer Decay Guttural Grind from Czech Republic
Misery Index the kings of Death/Grind
Mucopus Brutal Death/Grind from US
Necrophagist Technical Death Metal from Germany
Necrotorture Frognoise Brutal Death from Italy
Nobody Grinding Brutal Blasphemy from Italy
Nuclear Devastation The Agathocles Split CD Band
Obscura Death Metal from Germany
Ophiolatry Technical Death from Brasil in the vein of Krisiun
Origin Technical Death Metal in perfection from US
Panchrysia Belgian Black Metal
Phobia Ultimative Grindcore Attack
Pigsty Hyper Blast Grindcore from Czech Republic
Poppy Seed Grinder Czech Death/Grind
Profanity Bavarian Brutal Death Metal Band, great live performances!
Prophecy Brutal Death Metal from Texas
Prostitute Disfigurement Dutch Brutal Guttural Death Metal
Putrefied Brutal Death from The Netherlands
Putridity Italian Brutal Death Massaker
Pyaemia Brutal Death Metal
Repudiate Technical Brutal Death from Paris
Rompeprop Porn/Gore-Grinder
Rotten Sound sick as fuck grind from Finland
Sacramental Blood Brutal Death from Serbia
Sanatorium Death Metal Madness from Slovakia!
Sardonic Thrash/Death Metal from Germany
Sayyadina old school grind from Sweden
Septycal Gorge Italian Brutal Death Massaker
Severe Torture Dutch Brutal Death
Sickening technical death from Italy
Skinless America's Answer Of Sickness
Skinned Technical Death from the States
Smashed Face Guttural Death/Grind from CZ
Sore Groovy Goregrind from Germany
Spawn German Brutal Death Metal
Spawn Of Possession Swedish Answer to all
Sterbehilfe Grind/Noise from Stuttgart
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition Gore-Grind From France
Sufferage Brutal Death with Female VoKills
Suffocate Bastard NRW Brutal Death
Suffocation The Kings Of Death Metal
Surgical Dissection Grinding Brutal Core Underground
Tadbou Porcy Grindcore
Tears of Decay German Death Metal
Terrordrome Brutal Death from Greece
The Forsaken Swedish Thrash/Death
Total Fucking Destruction A Post-Apocalyptic Grind Cult
Twitch of the Death Nerve technical brutal Death from UK
Unmerciful Technical Brutal Death from US
Vader Polish Death Metal Legend
Vesania Symphonic Black Metal from Poland
Vile Bay Area Brutal Death
Viral Load Two man technical brutal Death from US
Visceral Bleeding Swedish Death Metal Attack
Viu Drakh Death Metal Bastards
Vomit the Soul Guttural Slam Death Metal from Italy
Waco Jesus The Destruction of Commercial Scum
Wasteform Brutal Death from the States
Wormed Ultra Brutal Death from Madrid


Metal Webzines

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Impaired Zine Death metal webzine
JorZine Jordanian Metal E-Zine

Lärmbelästigung Zine

Webzine and Mailorder for extreme music
Legacy Online version of the famous metalmag
Metal Inside German metal webzine
Nihilistic Holocaust French Death Metal Zine

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German MetalMag & Forum

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French Metal Zine
Terrorizer Metal, Hardcore, Industrial


Information about german underground metal scene


Metal Underground Culture

Underground Festivals


The New Brutal Death Festival in Germany

Depth Of Winter

Small Thrash/Death/Grind-Festival in South Germany

Fuck The Commerce Open Air

Grindcore and Brutal Death Open Air in Germany

Grind the Nazi Scum Festival

Grindcore and Death Metal Festival

Ludwigshafen Deathfest

Dani's Brutal Death Festival

Maryland DeathFest

Most brutal US-Festival

Metal Forces Festival

Support the Underground!

NRW Deathfest

Very great Festival of our NRW-Sickos

Obscene Extreme

Most brutal Festival, Label and Mailorder in Czech Republic

Skull Fucked

Brutal Death/Grind Festival in Strasbourg (F)


Italian Death Metal/Grindcore Festival

United Sickness Fest

Brutal Death/Grind Festival in Strasbourg (F)

Underground Labels
Bones Brigade French Grindcore and Brutal Death Label
Forensick Music Death Metal and Grindcore Label of Sanatorium's Martin
Frost Foundation From Electro To Grind
Lacerated Enemy Brutal Death Label and Tour Agency
Listenable French Underground Label
Revenge Productions German Underground Label and Mailorder
Unique Leader Great American Death Metal Label and Record
United Guttural American Underground Label

Underground Booking
Bandog Promotion Small Italien Booking Agency
Loudnoise Brutality from the Netherlands - Tjerks Booking Agency

Other Links