[ MDHF-Merchandise]

Here you find the official MDHF-Merchandise.

We released the following merchandise of the MDHF:

After 10 Years - NRWDM and Metal Die Hard Front decided to celebrate their friendship with printing a split T-Shirt
(lim: 240)
men sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
girlie sizes: S, M und L

(sold out - lim: 100)

Hellvetia Day Shirt

First T-Shirt
(sold out - lim: 50)

Second T-Shirt
(sold out - lim: 100)

Third T-Shirt
(lim: 80)
sizes: S, M, L, XL
colors: black, orange, dark red, dark green

- MDHF&NRWDM 10 years shirts: Male Shirts 15 CHF/10 Euro, Girlies: 22.50 CHF/15 Euros
- Hellvetia Day Shirts 22 CHF (postage included)
- All other Shirts 12 CHF

If you want to buy MDHF-merchandise please contact us under swissmetal@gmx.ch and tell us how many shirts you want to buy. We will answer you asap what is available.

Buy, Fuck, Die!!!