[ Mountains of Death Open Air ]

The Mountains of Death Open Air is the only Death Metal/Grindcore Festival in Switzerland. It will be held every year in the heart of the mountains.

The Metal Die Hard Front ist responsible for the booking of Mountains of Death since MOD V (2005).

Mountains of Death XI will take place on 18./19./20.08.2011 in Muotathal!

Carnal Decay (CH) Clit Commander (CH)
Cremation (CH) Defeated Sanity (DE)
Embalming Theatre (CH) Entrails Massacre (DE)
Gorgasm (USA) Haemorrhage (ES)
Human Parasite (FR) Insain (FR)
Impure (ES) Ingurgitating Oblivion (DE)
Oral Fistfuck (CH) Perverse Dependence (RU)
Putridity (IT) Rectal Smegma (NL)
Wormed (ES)

[ Billing History ]
Mountains of Death X
Amagortis (CH), Birdflesh (SWE), Black Dahlia Murder (USA), Cenotaph (TK), Cephalic Impurity (RUS), Cerebral Bore (UK), Cerebral Effusion (ES), Deadborn (DE), Devourment (USA), Disavowed (NL), Disparaged (CH), Dying Fetus (USA), Embryonic Depravity (UK), Epicardiectomy (CZ), Heretic Soul (TR), Inherit Disease (USA), Inhumate (FR), Inveracity (GR), Kerry and the Layzers (CH), Lividity (USA), Macabre (USA), Mumakil (CH), Nailed (UK), Necrophagist (DE), Nihilo (CH), Origin (USA), Progsik (CH), Purgatory (DE), Saprogenic (USA), Sickening Horror (GR), Soulless (CH), Suffocation (USA), Terrordrome (GR), Tools Of Torture (IT)
Mountains of Death IX
Misery Index (US), Hate Eternal (US), Psycroptic (AUS), Beneath The Massacre (CAN), Devourment (US), Sarcolytic (US), Defeated Sanity (D), Depression (D), Tears Of Decay (D), Kraanium (NOR), Human Mincer (E), Septycal Gorge (IT), Distorted Impalement (AU), Kastrated (UK), Captain Cleanoff (AUS), Haemophagia (E), Asphixiation (D), Resurrected (D), Choked By Own Vomits (CZ), Sakatat (TR), Female Nose Breaker (CH), Omophagia (CH), Firebreather (CH), Scorch (CH)
Mountains of Death VIII
Misery Index (US), Cephalic Carnage (US), Insidious Decrepancy (US), Despised Icon (CAN), Katalepsy (RUS), Beheaded (M), Carnivore Diprosopus (COL), Inveracity (GR), Human Rejection (GR), Carnal Decay (CH), Agathocles (B), Requiem (CH), Infested (D), Putridity (I), Twitch Of The Death Nerve (UK), Infected Disarray (UK), Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland (CZ), Censored (CH), Suffocate Bastard (D), Craniotomy (SK), Sickening (I), Cerebral Bore (UK), Black September (CH)
Mountains of Death VII
Immolation (US), Dying Fetus (US), Gorgasm (US), Severe Torture (NL), Avulsed (E), Degrade (S), Malignant Tumour (CZ), Blockheads (F), Defeated Sanity (D), Jig-Ai (CZ), Goryptic (F), Ingested (UK), Embalming Theatre (CH), Amagortis (CH), Crepitation (UK), Eternal Bleeding (SK), Miasma (CH), Bloody Butchery (CH)
Mountains of Death VI
Suffocation (US), Skinless (US), Cripple Bastards (I), Visceral Bleeding (S), Rotten Sound (FIN), Wasteform (US), Machetazo (E), Disavowed (NL), Goreinhaled (E), Arsebreed (NL), Fleshless (CZ), Sacramental Blood (SCG), Ophiolatry (BR), Suffocate Bastard (D), Necrotorture (I), Obscura (D), Mumakil (CH), Cropment (CH), Cremation (CH), Britney (CH)
Mountains of Death V
Krisiun (BR), Necrophagist (D), Gorerotted (UK), Pigsty (CZ), Prostitute Disfigurement (NL), Sanatorium (SK), Visceral Bleeding (S), Rompeprop (NL), Requiem (CH), Sufferage (D), Abrasive (D), Deceit (CH), Amagortis (CH), Amok (CH)